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The TA team has the experience and skills required to provide high-quality biological and regulatory services to our clients. Our team has the depth and breadth of skills and professional capability to undertake an intense level of effort, long-term assignments, and/or multiple task assignments, all which require demanding schedules.

The TA team includes an experienced staff with several years of experience working with the larger Prime firms. The TA team includes a project director, wildlife ecologist, biologist, arborists, botanist, restoration ecologist, archeologist and GIS specialist. The TA team also includes technical specialists for CEQA and NEPA resource areas to provide necessary technical credibility to the studies upon which all CEQA/NEPA documents are based.

Project Director

Diverse field experience in environmental science:

  • biological services
  • hydrogeology services
  • conservation and restoration ecology
  • open space planning
  • mitigation and compliance planning
  • regulatory permitting

Wildlife Ecologists

Diverse field experience in wildlife and fisheries ecology:

  • avian biology
  • wetland restoration
  • forest management
  • wildlife management
  • plant and wildlife biology


Diverse field experience in biology:

  • variety of natural and sensitive habitats
  • wildlife ecology
  • wetland ecology
  • endangered species biology
  • survey techniques
  • protocol techniques
  • mitigation planning
  • compliance monitoring
  • biological resource assessments
  • special-status species surveys to including California red-legged frog, arroyo toad, mountain yellow-legged frog, Santa Cruz long-toed salamander, California tiger salamander, Alameda whipsnake, San Francisco garter snake, giant garter snake, black legless lizard, dusky-footed woodrat, burrowing owl, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, desert tortoise, San Joaquin kit fox, giant kangaroo rat, vernal pool fairy shrimp, and raptor surveys.


ISA certified with diverse field experience in arboriculture and horticulture:

  • perimeter flagging of tree drip lines, riparian habitat
  • avoidance measures for mature trees adjacent to streambeds
  • providing ingress and egress routes
  • soil erosion and root damage prevention
  • BMP’s pursuant to CEQA/NEPA compliance
  • marking of trees within designated construction corridors
  • analysis of impacts
  • inspections of concrete, cement, and asphalt pouring
  • maintenance protocols for heavy equipment near root zones
  • tree damage prevention to include sycamores, coast live oak, valley oak, eucalyptus, box elder, and associated riparian vegetation
  • assessment of trees after/during construction activities
  • protective measure setback criteria
  • analysis of pre- and post- tree removal preservation activities
  • Hazard Tree Identification
  • Onsite Construction Monitoring
  • Extensive Knowledge of Tree Diseases
  • Marking/Flagging/Trimming of Designated Trees
  • Knowledge of Tree Ordinance and Policies
  • Identifying tree diseases
  • Hazardous materials to trees
  • Heavy equipment that cause tree mortalities


Diverse field experience in botany:

  • variety of natural and sensitive habitats
  • wildlife ecology
  • wetland ecology
  • endangered species biology
  • survey techniques
  • protocol techniques
  • mitigation planning
  • compliance monitoring
  • plant surveys
  • botanical studies

Restoration Ecologist

Diverse field experience in biology and ecology:

  • vernal pool ecology
  • wetland ecology
  • wetland restoration
  • natural and sensitive habitat studies
  • revegetation and riparian habitat planning
  • restoration planning
  • mitigation planning
  • conceptual mitigation planning
  • conservation and restoration planning
  • compliance monitoring


Diverse field experience in archeology:

  • archeological investigations
  • historical research
  • surveys
  • excavations

GIS Specialist

Provides the project team with:

  • graphics
  • GIS support
  • GEO-coding and standardization
  • database management
  • software support for Natural Resource Management
  • quality control of all GIS tabular and spatial datasets.
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