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Touré Associates (TA) is a state and federally recognized Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE), and Small Business Administration (SBA) certified environmental consulting company to include MBE, DBE, and UDBE certifications.

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Our goal is to provide cost-effective, technically-sound, and legally-defensible products. Our strongest company asset is the ability to communicate effectively and being responsive to our clients. We emphasize maintaining a high level of communication while producing a product that is clear and concise.
The TA team has been specifically assembled with the goal of providing cost-effective, technically sound, and legally defensible CEQA/NEPA and regulatory permitting services to our clients. The selection of our team members was based upon the following key factors:
Extensive experience preparing CEQA and/or NEPA documents for a full complement of water resources plans, programs, projects, and facilities.
Proven experience working with responsible agencies and community groups on controversial and technically complex projects.
Personal commitment to preparing environmental documentation that meets biological and regulatory compliance and client needs.
A demonstrated ability to proactively identify potential environmental impacts and develop effective mitigation measures, as well as resolve issues in a consensual decision process.
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